Human Construction: The Ultimate Expression of Creativity



  • How Dr. Montessori’s Principles Intrinsically Foster Creativity, the Foundation for All Human Progress by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis
  • Nurturing the Creative Spirit (distillation of PowerPoint presentation) by Carol Alver
  • Creative Assistance: Collaboration Among the Adults in a Montessori Community by Ginni Sackett
  • Montessori in the Public Schools: No Child Left Behind by Carol Hicks
  • Mathematics and the Human Mind by Kay Baker, Ph.D.
  • Creativity: Process and Product by Sanford Jones
  • Every Child is a Musical Child … Supporting the Musical Development of Children in the Early Years of Life by Mary Reinhardt
  • Beyond the Bells by Diane Haldane
  • “Let Me Help You to Help Yourself” Teach Art by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis
  • But I Can’t Carry a Tune by Diane Haldane
  • Creative Assistance: Collaboration in Support of Childhood Self-Construction by Ginni Sackett
  • Art and Spirit by Karin Salzmann
  • Stimulating Creativity Through a Montessori Approach by M. Shannon Helfrich
  • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline S. Lillard, Ph.D.

Conference Proceedings from the 2004 AMI/USA National Conference in Portland, Oregon, July 22-25, 2004.

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