Booklet by Phyllis Pottish-Lewis: The Elementary Child as a Member of Society


Phyllis Pottish-Lewis discusses how the Montessori elementary environment enables a child to actualize the potentials within by permitting him to develop into a successful member of society, while at the same time providing him with means to evaluate the progress of his development.

This booklet is dedicated to Margaret E. Stephenson, a constant and passionate advocate for the Montessori movement who, through her hard work, enlightened and inspired adults to achieve a transformed relationship with children. In honor of Miss Stephenson, half of the proceeds of the sale of Phyllis Pottish-Lewis’ booklets will be directed to the MES Fund, Inc., a scholarship program for AMI teacher training in the United States.

Also available in a set with Phyllis Pottish-Lewis’ Elementary Classroom Management.

How through understanding and implementation of Montessori principles an adult can manage an elementary classroom to fully aid the child’s development.