A New World for a New Humanity: Educate for Peace



  • Education and the Celebration of Humanity – Peaceful Transitions for a New World Vision by Dr. Cream Wright
  • Choosing Excellence; “Good Enough” Schools Are Not Good Enough by John Merrow, Ed.D.
  • Peace, the Unknown by Molly O’Shaughnessy
  • A New World for New Human Beings: Education for Collaboration and Peace by Silvana Montanaro, M.D.
  • Education as an Agent for Peace by Sandra Girlato
  • Peaceful Classroom Resolutions by Patty Bachmeier
  • Implementing Montessori in the Public Schools – Forecast for the 21st Century by Phil Dosmann, Tim Nee and Martha Urioste, Ph.D.
  • Servant Leadership and Active Caring: The Role of the Administrator in Peaceful Stewardship of our Montessori Schools by Meg Angevine
  • Infant Community Transitions by Judi Orion
  • All-Day Montessori – Peaceful Transitions by Michele Aspinall
  • Adolescence and Peace by Larry Schaefer, Ph.D.
  • The Beloved Community: Children, Parents, and Staff by Kathy Coskran
  • Beyond Technology: The Growing Brain in a Changing World by Jane Healy, Ph.D.
  • Nurture the Child and Advance the Nation by Lynne Lawrence
  • The Process of Becoming Ourselves: The Incarnation of Human Individuality by Silvana Montanaro, M.D.
  • Nurturing the Human Spirit by Carol Dittberner
  • Psychological and Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher by Gerry Leonard
  • Creating and Sustaining an Excellent School by Madeleine Ortman
  • Moral Development in Montessori Elementary Years: The Inevitable Road to Peace by Pat Schaefer
  • The Garden of Eden by Renilde Montessori

Conference Proceedings from the 2002 AMI National Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 11-14, 2002.

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