Advocacy Update

July has been a busy month for advocacy efforts. We have rallied and identified an enthusiastic group of Tier III states that have an impressive amount of gusto and support for this growing grassroots effort. California, Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin have joined the Pilot and Tier II states in their journey to raise national and state level awareness for Montessori in both public and private sectors.

Jaye Espy, Public Policy Project Manager, held a conference call in July for prospective states that were interested in learning more about the coalition and how, together, we can support one another in this challenging, but ever rewarding, project. The response was positive and our Tier III states are growing in strength and numbers.

The QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System), a subcommittee of the Montessori Public Policy Committee, has been created to strategize overall communication and help support the states as they begin to implement their respective states’ requirements. AMS hired Christine Lowry has a Special Project Consultant, with the direction that she will focus on refining the Montessori mapping database at Baylor University in Texas. This endeavor will greatly support the mapping efforts as she will disseminate the research collected to develop messaging about QRIS and the advocacy project. This will help keep AMI/USA and AMS members apprised of the latest news and information pertaining to the advocacy efforts.

For more information, and to learn about the progress of participating states, click here.