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There are several ways you can join the AMI family and help us accomplish our mission of helping children achieve their potential. Whether it is becoming a certified AMI school, becoming an AMI certified teacher, or joining AMI/USA as a member, you will find more information on our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Become an AMI School

AMI/USA provides schools that wish to offer an authentic Montessori program with a set of internationally recognized standards of quality. Schools meeting these standards apply annually for recognition and are issued a certificate which indicates that they meet these criteria. Although no two schools are the same, the recognition process assures parents that their children will receive an authentic Montessori education.

Today our educational system is in crisis, particularly in urban communities. Schools across the country are searching for better ways to educate children. The challenges seem daunting, yet a Montessori education has been demonstrated to be remarkably effective, tested through time, and supported by scientific and educational research studies.

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