Toddler & Primary Guide


Montessori Children's House

Montessori Children’s House seeks:

A Primary Guide to take over a classroom for a veteran Guide who is transitioning into the Head of School role. Preferred start date: June 14th, but we encourage those who may not be available until later to apply as we can have some flexibility with the position’s start date.

A Toddler Guide to take the lead of a well-established and supported environment. Preferred start date: August 16th.

Ideal candidates will have:

A commitment to active engagement within our Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist school community

AMI diploma and 3-5 years of teaching experience (those with non-AMI diplomas and/or less experience will also be considered for the position)

Good organizational and time management skills

Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

A spirit of collaboration, flexibility, and a strong desire to participate fully within the school community

MCH is a non-profit school located on Portland’s South Waterfront. Our program is rooted in AMI standards and is composed of encouraging, passionate, and hardworking professionals specializing in authentic Montessori early childhood education. We aim for each child to express comfort and joy with human diversity, to increasingly recognize injustice, and to have the will and the skills to act against prejudice.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and resume to: