Primary Teacher Leader


Wildflower Montessori of Philadelphia

Looking for a Primary Teacher Leader

Wildflower Montessori of Philadelphia is seeking an entrepreneurial, innovative, equity-minded preschool teacher to start and co-lead a small-scale Montessori Primary School in the Phoenixville area. You will be working with an Montessori primary guide, along with support from the Philadelphia Wildflower Foundation, to bring a beautiful, diverse, authentic, Montessori school to life.

Our Schools

Wildflower schools are very small — typically one- to two-classrooms. We are committed to equity, and unite intentionally diverse communities of children, families and teachers in a shared pursuit of interconnectedness, justice and peace. Wildflower schools are Montessori schools ​with certified teachers who embrace the qualities of authentic Montessori education – mixed ages, the full complement of materials for each age group, and a child-led, individualized approach within a beautiful, peaceful environment. Embedded within this beautiful diversity of experiences and perspectives, there are nine principles that unite our schools.

What You Bring

A deep commitment to authentic Montessori – Your expertise will position you to be a highly effective facilitator of children’s learning and to extend the values of Montessori to include the adults within your school community.

Commitment to serving diverse communities – You are eager to increase access to Montessori to racially and socioeconomically diverse communities.

A background working in Montessori communities – You have completed or are willing to complete a full accredited Montessori training and have an interest in working with children ages 3-6.

Entrepreneurial leadership – Your default mode is “yes.” You are flexible, open-minded, see opportunity in obstacles, and are energized by creating solutions to problems.

Generosity of spirit – You live with kindness, work gently with others, practice gratitude, and lead with love. You seek advice openly and are comfortable working in a non-hierarchical setting.

Partnership – you enjoy working with others – you are excited about collaborating with a partner who will co-lead and co-teach with you.

Willingness to work hard – You have the stamina, time, and appetite to raise yourself to the challenge of starting and leading your own school. You will not be alone, but you will be busy.

Creativity & Curiosity- You are willing to think outside the box & collaborate with ideas that can help shape the work environment for the children.

Why Wildflower?

The Wildflower Foundation supports Montessori teachers in planning, launching, financing and leading their own micro-Montessori schools. With over 30 Wildflower Schools in communities across the country, the Wildflower Foundation has partnered with dozens of teacher-leaders to support their journey from exploration through start-up. We work toward our purpose by nurturing the development of new Wildflower micro-schools and providing essential tools, supports, and resources to our existing schools. Have you wanted to start a school but felt daunted by the process–don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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