Primary Classroom Lead Guide

Assistant, Guide/Teacher,

Berkshire Montessori School

AMI Primary Guide at The Montessori School of the Berkshires

Come join a committed, dedicated team of Montessori professionals in the bucolic Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, an area known for its outdoor activities, stunning landscape, farm-to-table food scene, and thriving arts communities. The Montessori School of the Berkshires (MSB), founded in 2006, is currently accepting applications for an AMI trained Primary Guide to lead a one of two Children’s House classes starting this August 2021. Come join our committed and motivated AMI trained faculty, led by an AMI trained Director of Education and supported by dedicated staff, as we work together to provide the highest ideals and principles of Montessori education while also deepening our practice. MSB is committed to supporting our staff with continual professional development and growth opportunities and we are seeking candidates who are committed to personal and organizational growth in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


The MSB Montessori Primary Guide supports students’ activities academically, socially, emotionally and physically in a well-prepared Montessori environment. In accordance with Montessori philosophy and for the child’s plane of development, the Guide will challenge and support each child to reach their fullest potential in all areas. The Guide shall perform their duties faithfully and enthusiastically at the school during normal working hours on regularly scheduled days, and at other times as requested, with the general supervision and direction of the Director of Education and/or Head of School. The Guide shall abide by all rules and policies of the school, as stated in the MSB Staff Handbook and carry out the school’s mission. In order to maintain excellence, the Guide will adhere to the school’s essential expectations and professional standards, as well as all Montessori pedagogy. As a valued leader and MSB community member, the Guide will act in a professional manner in their interactions inside and outside of school.


Assume and accept responsibility for the physical safety, emotional well-being, and educational progress of the children in the MSB community and specifically the primary classroom(s).

Protect the privacy and confidentiality of each student and family.

Prepare a clean, safe and orderly environment in which the materials and furnishings are complete and correspond to the needs of the group, including the outdoor environment and any additional items kept in storage areas.

Perform tasks necessary to maintain a clean, orderly and attractive environment including upkeep and inventory of materials to ensure all Montessori and supplemental materials are up-to-date, un-tattered, and refreshed as needed.

Develop and maintain lesson plans that reflect careful observation of each child and an understanding of the Montessori curriculum and planes of development.

Work with students of various abilities, including those with learning differences. This may require participation in meetings, training, and planning cooperatives to fully serve each child’s needs.

Call to the attention of the Director of Education any students with special needs or difficulties and be prepared to work collaboratively to strategize and adapt the prepared environment to meet individual needs.

Manage and maintain records to monitor and track student progress, and complete required reports.

Inform parents of student progress, specific needs and goals, program content, and offer guidance as needed.

Attend additional parent meetings as needed or requested.

Train and supervise children in the execution of safety drills.

Document and report any and all accidents or behavioral incidents, following up as needed.

Perform arrival and dismissal duties, and supervise lunch and recess as assigned.

Attend classroom observations and professional development opportunities to support individual learning goals and school-wide goals.

Contribute to, support, and attend school events, such as parent information and engagement events, new student orientations, admissions-related events, and others as requested.

Communicate and cooperate with the administrative staff regarding program changes.

Responsibly manage funds allocated to specific classroom/program.

Supervise the daily work of the classroom program assistant, including training the assistant as needed.


Understand and promote the school’s mission, objectives, and policies in a positive and supportive manner.

Engage in active work with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Establish and maintain a positive relationship with students, families, and staff through healthy communication, and notify the Director of Education and/or Head of School immediately of any interpersonal challenges.

Conduct oneself professionally by respecting student confidentiality, cooperating with staff members, working out differences in a mature and reasonable manner and communicating unresolved concerns with Director of Education, Director of Operations, and/or Head of School.

Demonstrate respect and kindness to all members of the MSB community

Attend staff meetings, professional development sessions, and any special meetings requested by the Director of Education, Director of Operations, and/or the Head of School.

Read, work, and conduct oneself within the guidelines of the Staff Handbook and Crisis Manual.

Complete CPR and First Aid training.

Seek opportunities to support the school community and further overall understanding of Montessori by writing articles, speaking at related events, and/or representing the school in larger Montessori forums.

Contribute to the health and wellness of the MSB community with a strong sense of purpose, humor, grace, and courtesy.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Education and/or the Head of School.


Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

Ability to juggle multiple tasks

Flexibility and adaptability

Sound judgment and decision-making

Initiative and ability to work independently with self-direction

Acute observation skills

Familiarity with alternative teaching strategies

Excellent time management

Join an inspiring team on MSB’s 40-acre campus!

Job Type: Full-time