Newly Trained AMI Elementary Guide


Nature's Way Montessori

Nature’s Way Montessori elementary program is growing. We are seeking a unique person to join our team. We are hoping to find a newly trained AMI guide who’s first passion might be the Environment. The ideal candidate is an environmentalist and will create and implement a program in environmental education based on your albums using all of Napa valley and the Bay area as your classroom for appropriate lessons.

Our program is currently 1st-4th grade with 15 students and growing so it’s the perfect time to come on board and create something new and wonderful with our Montessori community. You will join us as a Jr. Teacher, which will allow you to have classroom responsibilities, observe more and implement your practices effectively before you would take over your own classroom as the lead guide in the future.


Monica MacDonald
Phone: (707) 226-5437
Fax: (310) 703-7783