Montessori Teacher Needed in Rockport, TX


Sacred Heart School

Requirements and Qualifications

• AMI or AMS Certified through a MACTE affiliated training facility.

• Degreed Educator preferred

• Love of children and commitment to their success and well-being.

• Devoted to the education and guidance of the young.

• Ability to effectively lead a classroom using Montessori guidelines.

• Professional communication and social awareness skills.

• Responsibility/Accountability.

• Driver’s License, Clear Background Check/Drug Screening, References, etc.


• Complete and accurate record-keeping.

• Integrated communication between Principal-Teacher-Parent.

• Establishment of Montessorian environment that would operate according to Montessori principles, i.e. room, furniture, materials, assistants, and children

Please call the school at 361 729-2672, or email your resume to

Kathy Barnes