Montessori Middle School Math & Science Teacher


Casa di Mir Montessori School

Casa di Mir Montessori Middle School provides a dynamic, well-rounded program that develops students’ enthusiasm for learning. A well-designed adolescent program with opportunities for growth, Casa di Mir is seeking a dedicated and energetic Math and Science Teacher, beginning August 2020.

The middle school teacher creates an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of adolescents (grades 7-8) in the realization of their fullest potential. We provide a unique opportunity to work with the adolescent from a holistic perspective focused on our small group of students throughout the day. The middle school teacher must enjoy working with adolescents, and have a deep understanding and respect for the child at this stage of development. The teacher must be able to take initiative and to work in collaboration with the teaching team. She or he should have the ability to challenge the active minds and bodies of the adolescent, be able to set clear boundaries, and have a great sense of humor.

Please email resume and letter of introduction to Karen Schuler (