Montessori Administrators

Administrator/Head of School,

Guidepost Montessori

Guidepost Montessori is a community of educators who are driven by a deep desire to bring about widespread change in education today. We believe that the traditional method of education used in most schools is antiquated, outdated, and broken. To meet the needs of today’s students and to bring about true progress in the world around us, we need an education model that fosters independence and develops competent, capable, action-oriented thinkers and change agents. To that end, we are committed to dramatically increasing the amount of high-fidelity, authentic Montessori programs, not only in the US, but around the globe!

We are very proud of our Guidepost Montessori communities in New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco and we’re looking for experienced Montessorians to lead our schools, serving elementary and adolescent age students.

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