Middle School Teacher


Children's Meeting House

Establish land-based Montessori Middle School Program.  Guide Students as they complete their journey through Maria Montessori’s 3rd plane of development to discover “who am I.”  Embrace the transformation from childhood to adolescence providing a safe space for this transformation.  Engage each student’s head, hands, heart in purposeful activity.  Engage students with the Earth to teach social, economic, scientific, and historical studies.  Encourage valorization, the process of becoming a strong and worthy person, through meaningful work.  Guide the adolescent to function as part of the greater community through meaningful interactions on and off campus.  Encourage self reflection in daily activities and twice yearly evaluation.  Nature is part of CMH campus, Middle School Teacher position requires physical activities in a variety of weather conditions.  Attendance required approximately one week prior to the beginning of the school year and one week after the end of the school year.  Teacher Characteristics: Growth mindset, curious, sense of humor, resilient, nature enthusiast.

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Applicants, please contact Casey Reed CMH Director – reed@cmhschool.com (513) 683-4757