Lower Elementary (LE) Lead Teacher


Follow the Child Montessori School

Position Description

The LE Lead Teacher sets the educational, social and emotional tone for the classroom. Their primary responsibilities are to create and maintain an authentic Montessori learning environment and offer lessons and guidance to support the developmental needs of each child according to Montessori principles. 

The LE Lead Teacher is also responsible for regular communications with and professional guidance to individual families regarding their child’s holistic growth and development. Included as part of standard connections throughout the year are two conferences and detailed written reports twice annually. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

-Prepare and maintain a high quality Montessori learning environment in support of children’s optimal academic, social, emotional , and physical development

-Guide, and assess students through the Elementary curriculum

-Curate an equity lens that supports a culturally responsive curriculum, positive identity development, and a culture of awareness and action among students

-Plan presentations for the students and maintain accurate records of presentations, classroom observations, and conference notes

-Facilitate a collaborative partnership with the classroom Assistant Teacher that is rooted in open and ongoing communication

-Ensure that the classroom Assistant Teacher is thoroughly engaged in children’s learning experience

Implement a robust “going out” program, consistent with Montessori principles 

-Communicate with parents, colleagues, student support team, Director of Education, and Head of School as needed regarding children in the classroom

-Help to plan, implement, and participate with all elementary special events and field trips annually including overnight trips

-Set and assess professional goals regularly and plan and complete professional development that supports those goals

-Manage classroom budget throughout the year in coordination with the Director of Finance 

-Be an active participant in nurturing the school’s supportive and constructive work environment 

Support the school and its mission, vision, and values, including a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion 

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree

Montessori teaching credentials (ages 6-12)

Interest in and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Effective verbal and written communication skills

Additional Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

Prior Montessori teaching experience 

Positive attitude, problem solver, honest and compassionate communicator

Enjoys and is skilled at building relationships with children, families, and colleagues

Strong work ethic with commitment to excellence

Effective collaborator 

Warm and welcoming with children; able to be clear, confident, and firm when needed

Loves nature and connecting with the natural world

Welcomes feedback and wants to develop, learn, and improve professionally

Interested in hearing and understanding different and new perspectives

Humility, a sense of humor, and a warm and nurturing personality

Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply for all positions as our school is committed to its faculty and staff reflecting the diversity of the Triangle area.

Please submit a letter of interest and professional resume to rebecca@followthechild.org