Lead Montessori Guide


Kaabe Schools

Kaabe Schools are nonprofit Montessori schools in Somaliland, launched by the Abaarso School team. Abaarso was featured on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper when its students became the first from their country in decades to matriculate to US universities including MIT, Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Columbia. Kaabe Schools empower Somali students to lead happy and fulfilling lives and to contribute to their society.

Kaabe Schools are seeking a Lead Montessori Guide to start this Fall. The position is for a K/1 mixed-grade, English immersion classroom with an age range of roughly 3-7 years old.

This lead guide position would have a full-time assistant in our beautifully designed and outfitted classroom (20-25 students).

Kaabe Schools are located in Somaliland, an autonomous but unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa. Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in 1991 and has enjoyed peace and a free, democratic society for the 29 years since. This is an opportunity to work with some of the most disadvantaged students in the world and to help build the largest nonprofit Montessori system in the developing world.

To apply, please send the following to Harry at hlee@abaarsoschool.org

1. resume/CV
2. cover letter
3. Montessori diploma