Lead Guide 0-3 Years


Wonderland Montessori School

  • Is responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, and managing the classroom.
  • Oversees the classroom environment, children, and Assistant Teacher.
  • Maintains a safe, clean, and organized classroom environment.
  • Supervises Assistant Guide to ensure they are contributing to the peaceful, prepared environment.
  • Conducts Parent Conferences twice per year.
  • Manages physical care of children.
  • Provides lessons to the children with organizing materials and bringing tasks to completion.
  • Consistently communicates with children in a firm, yet loving and kind presence, and upholds a calm, patient environment.
  • Communicates important information to Assistant Guide regarding aspects of the children and classroom. (Management)
  • Ensures the daily care of every child by following all school/classroom procedures and standards, as well as all licensing guidelines.
  • Maintains a professional self-image and projects the values of the school at all times.
  • Keeps up with required training hours and certifications according to licensing.
  • Ensures regular communication with parents through Student
  • Information System — from Guide and Assistant Guide.