High School Economics Faculty (Part-time)


The Post Oak School

Post Oak is currently hiring for a part-time high school economics teacher. This position is responsible for curriculum development in high school economics and involves the mentoring, guidance, and assessment of high school students applying a Montessori approach. Experience with and enthusiasm for history, social sciences more generally, and curricular travel is a plus. Emphasis is on hands-on, real-world learning. This position also includes cultivating, building, and maintaining partnership connections in related organizations in the Houston Museum District and nearby surrounding areas.

The well-grounded candidate will have experience teaching high school students in the subjects listed above or related fields. We are looking for people who possess deep content-area knowledge, a never-ending passion for personal learning, and an exceptional level of positive regard for adolescents and respect for their work and personal dignity. Successful candidates will have expertise in creatively matching academic and real-world challenges to a variety of student skill levels to create an environment with experiences for maximized engagement. The school is committed to a high level of cross-disciplinary integration, and teachers will work closely with each other, meeting regularly to create a dynamic team approach. In addition, we are looking for teachers who have diverse backgrounds and who are ready to teach elective courses, to travel, and to lead extra-curricular activities aligned with their personal interests.

At the school’s Museum District campus, the educational approach is largely interdisciplinary and all teachers must possess facility and competence beyond a single subject area. Working with adolescent Montessori students in small classes means modeling a lifelong love of learning in all areas of knowledge while embracing the service role of teaching. We are looking for emotionally engaged individuals who are committed to a team-centric organization and who are ready to work hard. Additionally, they must possess serious depth in their specialized field and be able to work in a highly integrated and fluid environment. The Post Oak academic program depends on extending the classroom work through connections and partnerships with local cultural institutions that the teaching faculty is expected to cultivate and maintain.

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The Post Oak School is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to campus diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin with regard to hiring, admission or in the administration of any of its programs