Faith-Based Primary Guide


The Hearth Room

The Hearth Room is a Christian, authentic Montessori environment for ages 2.5 years – 6th grade, augmented by in-class cooking spaces, nature walks, a vision for students to explore entrepreneurship and political involvement, Bible quizzing, and an on-site parent workspace. If this sounds like your dream, please reach out right away.


· Be outdoors at work! Our school is located in a country-church setting on 4 acres of meadow with a wooded path around a small pond.

· Faith-Focused colleagues

· Enjoy sharing your favorite activities like art, gardening, cooking, music, field trips, entrepreneurship, etc. with your students.

· Kansas City is an affordable area, where the people are friendly, and the pace is slower, but there are still many opportunities for arts and cultural experiences.

· Potential career growth into a leadership role, such as Director of Pedagogy or Head of School in the near future

Full-time position includes paid time off, possibility for bonuses, and tuition discounts.   

The Hearth Room is led by an experienced school founder, who is AMI-trained at both the Primary and Elementary levels.

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