Erdkinder Land Manager


Providence Montessori Middle School

The Erdkinder Land Manager at Providence Montessori Middle School is responsible for the maintenance of the land area and the development of a sustainable agricultural program (or permaculture program). He/she will work with students on projects related to the academic units of study in Science and Humanities and on day-to-day tasks involving the general upkeep of the property. This work involves formal teaching (science, agriculture, sustainability, etc.) in an outdoor arena as well as indoors and close interaction with individuals and small groups of students. It also involves much work with farm tools and power toolsThis work is typically completed in 4 small group classes in the mornings.

While one goal of the program is to teach sustainability through land use, our aim is to connect the land and agriculture across the curriculum and primarily for the work on the land to provide ‘grounding’ and self-discovery for the early adolescent – to give them an opportunity to engage in real work that is meaningful and that helps to valorize their personalities. The main responsibility is in providing a positive, successful environment that is designed to foster the development of the whole adolescent as s/he becomes a productive member of this small community in preparation for becoming a productive, successful member of the future society of mankind. In doing so, it will be necessary to develop relationships with the adolescents based on mutual trust and respect.


Vivian Langefeld
Phone: (859) 255-7330