Elementary Montessori Coach

Other Administration,

Breakthrough Montessori PCS (DC)

Breakthrough Montessori PCS is committed to equity in all areas of our school’s work. We believe in the unbounded potential of all children. We are a supportive environment that seeks to employ a diverse staff reflective of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.

Breakthrough Montessori PCS is seeking an Elementary Montessori coach who is responsible for coaching elementary classrooms, is a school administrative team member, and contributes to school-wide decision-making, strategic planning, and educational program design. The coach’s primary responsibilities are to create and sustain an outstanding school culture that supports human flourishing for students and faculty by coaching all members of the general education academic team and offering philosophy/curriculum support to families through presentations and demonstrations as needed.

The coach is the key person in a Montessori school responsible for creating a community of reflective practitioners and ensuring the fidelity of implementing Montessori for children and adults.

Breakthrough Montessori PCS is a coaching school; all team members receive and give coaching to support professional growth.

To apply, please use the following link: https://breakthroughmontessori.bamboohr.com/careers/16?source=aWQ9MTM%3D