Elementary Classroom Assistant


Fiore Montessori School

Fiore Montessori School is looking for a Montessori Elementary Classroom Assistant/Spanish Teacher. Our school is located in Vienna on a 4.5-acre wooded property and serves over 90 children – toddler through elementary. The candidate will work with children ages 6 – 12 years old and support a lead AMI-trained Elementary Teacher.

Our ideal candidate will have the following skills:

– Communicates comfortably in both Spanish and English (prefer native Spanish speaker)

– Gentle, soft-spoken, humble, graceful in movement, positive attitude

– Curious and open to Montessori philosophy and training

– Able to work 7:30 – 4:00 P.M. 5 days a week

– Interested in elementary children and looking to make a long term commitment to this job

– Able to work well with a team of dedicated professionals

– Driver’s license required; must have proof of citizenship or work permit.

Responsibilities include:

– Daily preparation of the classroom environment (including, for ex., organizing and restocking papers & supplies, recording observations, caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of furniture and materials, making materials as directed)

– Supervising the students for safety, noise level, and guidance of social interactions in the classroom or outdoor areas as they work freely on independent choices of work and follow-up on their lessons either alone or in small groups

– Supervising organized sports and outdoor free time (recess)

– Overseeing baking, cooking and art projects as requested

– Supporting local off-campus trips and periodic overnight travel events with the lead teacher and as well as other parent or staff chaperones

-Creating an immersive Spanish environment by speaking only Spanish whenever students are present, creating Spanish printed materials under the guidance of the lead teacher, introducing elements of Spanish-speaking culture through song, stories and lessons under the direction of the lead teacher.

Our staff members have a great respect for the child and appreciate the opportunity to gently guide children as they develop naturally. We offer regular on-the-job training for our Spanish-speaking assistants, as well as professional development and a respectful working environment. If the candidate is a good, long-term fit, they may be offered an opportunity for formal training to become a Montessori teacher after their first full year of employment. Salary range is commensurate with education, experience and roles/responsibilities. Benefits include health, 401k, vacation/holidays.

Please email your resume and cover letter describing your background and interest to: staffing@fioremontessori.com