AZ AMI Elementary Guide


Heartwood Montessori

Heartwood Montessori, an AMI Recognized school, invites you to join our team of dedicated Montessori professionals. Heartwood is expanding to serve the needs of our growing community. We are seeking teacher candidates with experience at the elementary level (1st through 6th grades). AMI Montessori certification at the 6-12 level is required, however considerations will be made for candidates currently enrolled in an AMI Elementary training program. The elementary teacher will create a joyful, engaging environment that ignites a love for learning, self-confidence, and independence. An essential component for a successful guide is the ability to care for and nurture each child’s potential in a diverse community of learners. The staff is passionate about implementing authentic Montessori philosophy faithfully and has experienced Montessori mentors ready to support and coach the elementary classrooms. Sponsorship of Montessori training and professional development benefits are offered.
Excellent written and oral communication skills with parents and staff, accurate and timely record-keeping using an online format, lesson planning and good organizational skills are key components to this role. Health benefits are offered along with personal days and professional development opportunities.
The mission of Heartwood, AZ is to nurture a culturally diverse community of students in grades K-12 by providing access to all families seeking an authentic AMI Montessori program for the benefit of all children, by cultivating their natural capacities, capabilities and talents to become lifelong learners, thinkers, creators, and civic leaders.
Heartwood Montessori is situated on a 5-acre campus near downtown Mesa, within walking distance to the library, post office, museums, and light rail.
Interested candidates may email the Elementary Program Director Shahnaz Currim, at or the Executive Director, Sherri Sampson at