$2,000 Hiring Bonus AMIS Cliff Valley: Lead Montessori Teacher


ADP Posting on behalf of Endeavor Schools

Endeavor Schools at AMIS-Cliff Valley is currently seeking a Lead Montessori Teacher for their Primary Classroom. 

$2,000 Hiring Bonus paid out in 3 installments:

$500 at 60 days of full time employment, $500 at 120 days of full time employment and $1,000 paid out after 5/31/2022. 

*Employee must be in good standing to receive the payout.

Lead Montessori Teacher

Position summary:

The Lead Montessori Teacher will implement curriculum in a safe, healthy and nurturing classroom environment that supports each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth and development.

Facilitate classroom activities.

Create engaging, age-appropriate lessons while holding true to the Montessori Model.

Establish classroom management utilizing positive coaching.

Encourage and assist in positive social interactions.

Ensure safety and well-being of children at all times.