Global School Accreditation (GSA) Update:

AMI’s Global School Accreditation committee, with the support of teachers, administrators, and trainers, completed five pilot visits in the United States and Canada last year.  These visits were tremendously helpful in refining the documentation and paperwork to be used for the program.  This fall we are planning pilot visits to schools in Morocco, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  At the conclusion of these pilot visits, revisions will be made and reviewed with all participating schools.  We intend a third round of pilots to take place in the spring, to finalize the rubric used in determining a school’s status.  GSA is set to launch in some countries in the fall of 2019; the program will begin in subsequent years in countries with an existing accreditation/recognition program.


If you have any questions about the Global School Accreditation program, please contact Ginni Sackett, AMI Director of Pedagogy, or Alyssa Schwartz, GSA Committee Chair, or Debby Riordan, Executive Director of AMI/USA.


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