Neurodiversity and Disability through the Montessori Lens

October 24, 2021



As we work to make Montessori spaces more equitable and inclusive, we must consider how we serve children with disabilities.  Dr. Andrée Rolfe, a special educator who is AMI elementary-trained, will lead an exploration of the terminology related to neurodiversity and disability.  She will shine a light on the real and significant differences between Montessori education and the special education system in the United States and suggest how we can resolve those differences.

Meet Dr. Andrée Rolfe

Andrée Rolfe, Ed.D., spent 35 years in public education working as a teacher, learning consultant, and administrator before completing elementary training at Washington Montessori Institute in 2013.  Currently, she is an educational specialist who consults with Montessori schools.  Her focus is supporting guides as they expand their capacity to serve more children with learning and behavioral challenges.  Andrée has taught the special education course to AMI guides at Loyola’s Center for Montessori Education since 2016.  

Click here to access the resources that Dr. Andrée Rolfe provided in follow up!