Mastering Parent Communication and Connection

March 26, 2020

To truly thrive, children need a community of adults working in partnership but it is not always so easy for us as a teacher or administrator to understand parents, especially the sometimes difficult ones.

Webinar Master


So how do we get better — for the benefit of everyone, child and adults alike? This webinar helps to answer that question. Using challenging real-world examples and scenarios, combined with simple yet effective principles and practices, it will put attendees on the road to mastering parent communication and connection.

The emphasis of this webinar will be on actionable guidance, around such topics as responding to demanding parents, explaining Montessori in a way that packs Parent-Ed nights and successfully closes prospective-parent tours, offering parenting advice with grace and courtesy, and more. If you have a problem you are currently struggling with or a question you would like answered, there will be a Q&A following the presentation. All teachers and administrators are welcome, regardless of skill level and comfort working with parents.


Jesse McCarthy & Karin Ann