Call To Action Forum: Serving Neurodiverse Children In Montessori Schools

November 29, 2021



Join Sheri Bishop and Andrée Rolfe for discussion on serving neurodiverse children in Montessori Schools

On October 24, Dr. Andrée Rolfe, a special educator who is AMI elementary-trained, led an exploration of the terminology related to neurodiversity and disability. She also discussed the real and significant differences between Montessori education and the special education system in the United States and suggested how we can resolve those differences. At the end of the presentation she provided a number of reflection questions:

Questions for the AMI Community

  • Which children are we serving in AMI schools?
  • What do schools need to be able to serve more children with disabilities and/or who are neurodiverse?
  • What do guides need to be able to serve more children with disabilities and/or who are neurodiverse?
  • How do we resolve the fidelity vs. flexibility conundrum?
  • Do supports in the classroom compromise our practice?

Questions for AMI Schools

  • How does your school enrollment reflect your admissions policy regarding children with disabilities?
  • How does your school meet the needs of children with diagnosed disabilities and/or who are neurodiverse?
  • How does your school support children with challenges who have not been diagnosed with a disability?

Join us on November 29 at 7:00 p.m ET to discuss your reflections to these questions in our next Call to Action Forum with Sheri Bishop and Dr. Andrée Rolfe.

Andree, a special education teacher, trained Montessorian and scholar, and Janet McDonell, an AMI Primary Trainer and the Pedagogical Director of Consultation and Coaching for AMI/USA were the invited speakers. Andree fielded questions regarding neurodivergence, while Janet shed light on some important Montessori pedagogical questions, and the audience offered wonderful food for thought. Click here to read all of the follow-up notes.