Building Resilient Montessori Schools: A Discussion

September 18, 2021



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Montessori in Action: Building Resilient Montessori Schools is a new book that explores applying the Montessori method to the whole school. This session will be a discussion with the author, Elizabeth Slade, and three school leaders who are building resilient schools through implementation of the Whole School Montessori Method. Hannah Richardson is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Breakthrough Montessori in Washington, DC, Daniel Bissonnette is the Assistant Head of School at Urban Montessori Charter Public School in Oakland, CA and Rachel Kimboko was the Assistant Head of School at Lee Montessori‘s East End campus for two years and now leads the new DC Wildflower Public Charter School. These three leaders will share their use of the approach and the tools that have been meaningful to their school communities. You can learn more about Montessori in Action: Building Resilient Montessori Schools by visiting

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Meet the panelists

Elizabeth G. Slade is an author and educator with thirty-five years of experience working in Montessori education. She has worked in both independent and public Montessori schools in New England and spent six years at the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector working with public Montessori schools across the country. She now serves as co-executive director of Public Montessori in Action, an organization created to ensure fully implemented Montessori education for children, families, and educators of the global majority.


Hannah Richardson is currently the Director of Curriculum & Instruction at Breakthrough Montessori in Washington D.C. She’s an AMI trained Primary guide and has worked in the field as a guide, program coordinator and administrator in public district, magnet, charter, neighborhood and private Montessori schools. With a wealth of experience, it has led her to collaborate with Montessori organizations along the way, such as the Montessori Leaders Collaborative, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector and Public Montessori in Action among others.

Daniel Bissonnette is the Assistant Head of school at Urban Montessori Charter School in Oakland, CA, the only public Montessori school in Oakland. Daniel has AMI training in Primary, Elementary and Adolescent and has taught children from 18 months through high school in both public and private settings in and out of Montessori. Prior to finding Montessori Education, Daniel was a middle school math teacher at a public school in Oakland, CA and has multiple state teaching and administrative credentials. Daniel is passionate about bringing accessible and quality Montessori education to all students and regularly seeks out additional ways to serve the community and beyond, currently serving on the board at the AMI training center Montessori Northwest, as well as innovative entrepreneurial work through Arc Montessori. Daniel lives in Oakland with his wife, also a Montessori educator/entrepreneur, two children, and dog.


Rachel Kimboko has been engaged in the Montessori community of Washington, DC since her daughter enrolled in DC’s oldest public program in 2003. Before starting her teaching career in public Montessori she worked in out-of-school time and as an assistant at Aidan Montessori. She has taught in all three variations of the elementary classroom: 6-9, 9-12, and 6-12, and was the Elementary team lead for several years. Her experience in DC public schools prepared her to step out of the classroom and focus on assessment, intervention, and instructional coaching at Lee Montessori in 2017. At the 2019 Refresher Course, she was honored to join the Elementary Alumni Association; she serves as Vice-Chair and Treasurer. Rachel was the Assistant Head of School at Lee Montessori’s East End campus for two years and now leads the new DC Wildflower Public Charter School.


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