Montessori for All: A Dream Being Realized or One Still Deferred

January 30, 2023

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for education was “far grander than integration alone”. He envisioned education to be quantitatively and qualitatively equitable. On the cusp of Black History Month, it is the perfect time to explore if his dream has been realized or deferred.



Event Organizer


We are happy to provide this year’s Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion Series virtually to help bring the global Montessori community together!

In honor of Dr. King, his educational philosophy and work to bring equity into all schools, join a diverse panel to discuss how power and privilege in the Montessori community can be used to realize the dream of justice in all Montessori spaces.

As our 2020 Racial Equity Statement declares: We acknowledge that building and maintaining an inclusive, racially equitable culture will be never-ending and that ever-lasting transformation requires courage, persistence, unwavering commitment, and individual and collective accountability. We encourage all members, especially those that identify as an ally, social justice activist, anti-bias/anti-racist educator, social justice healer and/or an artistic and creative storyteller, to lift your voices and together let us all participate in this transformational journey. “Today an urgent need imposes itself upon society: the reconstruction of methods in education and instruction, and [they] who fight for this cause, fights for human regeneration.” (Montessori, 2014) 

Panel Participants

  • Sheri Bishop, AMI/USA Human Rights and Social Justice Advisor, Moderator
  • Maia Blankenship, Co-CEO, Black Wildflower Funds
  • Jimmy and Kyle Galbraith, Past Montessori Parents, Montessori Advocates, and Philanthropists
  • Fatima Green, Assistant and Montessori Primary Level Trainee, Lee Montessori Public Charter School
  • Sinuda Kapalczynski, Head of School/Guide, Fulton Montessori School
  • BethAnn Slater, Head of School, Middleburg Montessori School and AMI Primary Trainer
  • Alex Brown, Advisory Board member, Black Montessori Education Fund

Registration Fees

  • Full series: $55 (AMI/USA member), $100 (non-member)
  • Single session: $20 (AMI/USA member), $35 (non-member)

Exploring Gender Expansiveness in the Montessori Environment

March 20, 2023 at 7 pm EST

As we recognize Transgender Visibility Day on March 30th, explore the unlimited potential found in Montessori pedagogy that supports moving away from the binary toward gender expansiveness.

Neurodiversity in the Montessori Environment: A Forum

April 24, 2023 at 7 pm EST

April is Neurodiversity Awareness Month. Join this forum where we will share the process and content of the AMI/USA Statement of Inclusion devised by the AMI/USA Human Rights and Social Justice Ad-Hoc Group on Neurodiversity and Inclusion.

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