Becoming an AMI School

Levels of Recognition


Meets AMI standards, 100% of teachers hold an AMI diploma.


Meets AMI standards, 80% of teachers hold AMI diplomas.


This is a transitional category for schools in the process of meeting the pedagogical standards. 50% of teachers hold an AMI diploma.

*These alternate categories allow schools up to three years to secure the necessary AMI trained teachers and/or meet the standards for full recognition. Schools are recognized by age level, therefore some schools are recognized at one level and affiliated or associated at another.

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Consultation is a part of the recognition process for schools. It benefits the schools by providing a standard of excellence and also serves as a vehicle for continuing education for teachers. Consultations are pedagogical in nature: safeguarding and enhancing compliance with AMI standards. The guiding directive for consultation is to provide support and assistance to the adults who work within the sphere of the child.

A consultation provides:

  • Recognition by AMI as a recognized, affiliated, or associated school
  • Assistance to the teacher in implementing Montessori pedagogy
  • Assurance of a prepared environment suitable for the activity of a child of a particular age
  • Guidance to the administration/board in supporting the teachers
  • Support to the parents in understanding their child and his or her education

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Public Schools

If you are a public school district administrator wondering if there’s an alternative approach to education that would benefit ALL the children in your district, you will find your answer here.

Often considered an education suitable only for a private school setting, increasingly the Montessori approach is being adopted by public schools with remarkable results. Though startling to some, families and educators familiar with AMI Montessori are not surprised at the benefits public school children have derived from a Montessori education.

Public school districts across the country have joined the AMI Montessori school community. These districts have discovered that Montessori’s approach is not only being supported and validated by current academic research in the field of education, it is also reinforced by researchers in the fields of neuroscience, human development, and child psychology.

Most importantly for school administrators, recent studies show that Montessori programs in public schools are effective with students based on the outcomes of the required academic testing.

To receive an AMI certificate as an Associated/Public School is to be part of a school community that exemplifies the high standards of Montessori education. Understanding that public schools have constituencies and factors that must be taken into account, AMI/USA is positioned to support public schools in their endeavor to meet the same rigorous standards as private schools. This allows them to offer their students the same rich and rewarding learning experience that every child deserves.

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Educateurs sans Frontieres

Educateurs sans Frontières ® (EsF) is a division of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) dedicated to assisting children through the Montessori approach to education. EsF is Montessori without Borders © and is committed to working with individuals, families, communities, organizations, and governments to champion the rights, education and welfare of children worldwide.