2020-2021 Application for AMI Recognition Status Form

To be eligible for an AMI Certificate of Recognition, a school submits the annual Application for AMI Recognition Status, including information on each program for which the school would like to receive a status. The recognition status is based upon the compliance with the AMI standards. Each program (Assistants to Infancy, Primary and/or Elementary) receives a distinct status, which may or may not be the same as the other levels at the school. Due to COVID-19, certain allowances are being made for currently recognized schools who are unable to meet all of the standards this year. Click here for more information on the AMI standards.

  • Applications must be made annually, and certificates of recognition are valid only for the current school year.
  • It is a requirement for recognition that a school abide by all local, state and federal ordinances, statutes, rules and regulations.
  • AMI/USA reserves the right to refuse recognition, or revoke it, whenever the activities of a school are found to be inconsistent with AMI’s aims or when any fees due AMI/USA are outstanding for more than 30 days.
  • Click here for more information about AMI School Recognition.

Please contact Lynne Breitenstein-Aliberti, Director of School Affiliation and Consultation, if you have any questions or support needed regarding the application.