AMI Montessori and the Common Core State Standards

In 2013 over fifty AMI professionals – teachers, trainers, consultants, administrators – came together under the sponsorship of AMI/USA and AMI-EAA to create a mapping of a representative AMI elementary curriculum onto the Common Core State Standards. The product of this effort has undergone multiple levels of review, including two levels of team review, senior elementary trainers, and AMI’s Scientific Pedagogy Group. Users of this mapping can be assured that it maintains an authentic AMI focus and seeks to uphold AMI standards.


The math/geometry and language mappings are available here for download in .pdf format.


Responsibility – A Gentle Reminder – an implementation white paper by AMI elementary trainer Phyllis Pottish-Lewis.


The two mappings are living documents that will continue to be fine-tuned based on feedback from teachers, administrators, and other users. We want these documents to reflect the ongoing learning and experience that AMI practitioners have with the CCSS. Please email your feedback and suggestions to

While we have attempted to make the CCSS mappings as user-friendly as possible, you may have questions as you use them. While we cannot promise quick answers to every question, we will be issuing periodic Frequently Asked Questions updates that address themes we are hearing from the community. Please email your questions to

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