Access Montessori


We are pleased to announce that the work that was originally conceived through the Montessori Leaders Collaborative task force on Birth-to-Six initiatives, and subsequently funded through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, has resulted in the creation of Access Montessori

Access Montessori is established as a non-profit corporation to promote and foster Montessori education and services for families who have been traditionally underserved by Montessori.  The goal is to serve as a catalyst for sustainable Montessori Birth-to-Six Family Centers throughout the United States.  This is one step in the process of creating resources and information that will serve the expansion of Montessori Birth-to-Six Family Community Centers across the country.  We continue to build the framework, reaching out to new communities and designing a program to prepare support teams who will provide “on-the-ground” advice, coaching and implementation support.  

Thank you to Jackie Cossentino for providing the summary of the Following the Family Study and to Montessori Partners Serving All Children and Lumin Education for providing the data that builds the evidence base for the success of Montessori programs serving their communities in Minneapolis/St. Paul and East Dallas.  More information will be released in an official report in December, but please visit the new website at