About Us

The Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) is a national non-profit organization that upholds Dr. Maria Montessori’s original vision. As the Primary Operational Affiliate of the Association Montessori Internationale in the United States, AMI/USA oversees the school recognition and consultation program, conferences and events, the MES FUND, INC. and individual membership opportunities. AMI/USA supports the work of AMI training centers, Montessori parents, teachers, administrators, and schools.

Association Montessori Internationale, (AMI), headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is the oldest, worldwide organization to champion the Montessori method. It is recognized as the leading authority on Montessori education.

AMI was formed in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to insure that her philosophy and approach to education would be carried on as she intended. Dr. Montessori’s goal was to foster the full development of the human being. A school or teacher training program that carries the AMI name is continuing the tradition of quality first established by Dr. Montessori, a tradition that incorporates standards based directly on Dr. Montessori’s work.


Association Montessori International of the United States (AMI/USA) is dedicated to bringing the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori to the education of children through its support and advancement of the AMI Montessori community in the United States.

AMI/USA’s Objectives

  • Foster understanding in families and communities of AMI Montessori pedagogical principles and practice.
  • Promote the development of AMI teacher training to foster the availability of AMI Montessori education.
  • Continue outreach, participation, and collaboration with AMI affiliates in the United States as well as kindred organizations that share the purpose of service to children.
  • Support and help fulfill the needs of AMI Montessori schools.
  • Advocate for educational policy that nurtures the environment for AMI Montessori education in the United States.
  • Substantiate the value of AMI Montessori education through traditional academic research.
  • Maintain effective fiscal and organizational strength.
  • Promote global peace, human development, and human rights through the application of Montessori principles.