Month: May 2021

Training Overview Sessions from The Virtual Montessori Experience 2021

During The Virtual Montessori Experience 2021 three sessions were held to provide information on various training programs. Below are the recordings from the sessions.


The Montessori Core Principles Certificate Course: A New AMI Course for Supporting the Flow of Human Development

Session held on Friday, February 12, 2021

We are exploring the possibility of providing a group health care plan for AMI/USA schools and AMI Training Centers in the United States.

Elisha Hardy, Benefits Trust Manager from the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, joins us to share more about available Group Health Plans. As

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Student Information System (SIS) Vendors – April 28, 2021

We noticed that a few of our Montessori school administrators are curious about effective student information systems (SIS), so we planned a session with some of the top AMI/USA Member School recommended SIS vendors to demonstrate their services. Additionally, we will explore the possibility

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