Montessori Engaging the Human Personality

2012 Refresher Course and Workshops

AMI/USA welcomed over 900 Montessorians in Fort Worth, Texas at the OMNI Fort Worth Hotel from February 17-19, 2012 for the annual Refresher Course and Workshop. Keynote speaker Paola Trabalzini introduced the theme of the 2012 Refresher Course and Workshop: Engaging the Human Personality. This theme spoke to the fundamentals of Montessori education – that is educating the whole child while allowing the child’s personality to flourish. The conference welcomed Montessori teachers administrators, assistants, and parents to engage with one another and seek to fine tune their understandings of Montessori.

To learn more about the speakers and activities that were available at the 2012 Refresher Course and Workshops in Fort Worth, please download the conference brochure.

Selected Conference Feedback

Comments on Silvia Dubovoy, Ph.D.: “You can see and feel the passion that Dr. Dubovoy has for the first 3 years of life. She brought a great balance to this lecture with all the topics she discussed. Thank you Silvia!”

Comments on Janet McDonell: “Janet had such a lovely presentation. I liked her emphasis on singing. Her presentation sparked lots of discussion about all day Montessori and conversation/social development in the casa.”

Comments on Carol Hicks: “Carol’s ‘down-to-earth’ presentation of air and water beautifully blended theory, presentations, and practical suggestions to engage the child’s mind and stimulate a desire to find out more rather than than merely do follow-up busy work. I appreciated her reminders to wonder aloud and ask questions to bring the child’s attention back to previously learned concepts so that he/she can make the many connections among air, water, land, and life.”

Comments on Annette Haines, Ed.D.: “A wonderful grounding about what it truly means to be a Montessori school. I feel honored to have been able to attend.”

Comments on Bob Wright Ed.D. with Lisa Sanden & Jan Deason: “I was jazzed – he was practically inspiring – marrying the business side of transformation mission of our work! The voice and message of Mr. Wright struck a great chord for us at our school.”

Comments on Matt Hillis: “Terrific new technology ideas to streamline managerial tasks. I’m glad that I can go look at this information because it was a lot of information.”

Comments on Barbara Gordon & Mary Caroline Parker, J.D.: “An excellent topic- a practice of which we often speak but need help within the workplace to implement. Good reference materials.”

Comments on Joen Bettmann: “The 2nd day really solidified points especially regarding transforming the adult. Joen truly understands the assistant’s role. Lots of suggestions to try and things to work on.”


Selected Conference Photos