Indirect Preparation

2011 Refresher Course and Workshops

Nearly 1,000 Montessorians gathered in Long Beach, California at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach from February 18-21, 2011 for the annual Refresher Course and Workshops. The theme of the 2011 Refresher Course and Workshops was Indirect Preparation, a term that describes the spontaneous phenomena Montessori witnessed both in terms of academic achievement in litercy and math and for character and social development. The conference gave Montessori teachers, administrators and assistants an opportunity to discuss how to achieve predictable Montessori outcomes in classrooms.

Conference participants were not only inspired by the course and workshop content at every level, but also by the keynote address Learning Through Exploration by Karen Adolph, Ph.D. To learn more about the speakers and activities that were available at the 2011 Refresher Course and Workshops in Long Beach, please download the conference brochure.

Selected Conference Feedback

About the keynote address by Karen Adolph, Ph.D.: “I enjoy having non-Montessori speakers that validate our practice. It is interesting to hear about studies and data that support our work.”

About the administrative workshop: “Bob Wright was engaging and seemed to have a wonderful grasp on Montessori and gave us wonderful – real – tools to improve ourselves and hence our schools and Montessori nationwide!”

About the assistants’ workshop: “This was a wonderful refresher. I took my training in 1997 and then became a stay-at-home mom. Mary brought everything back.”

About the primary refresher course: “Dr. Haines took a huge topic and spoke to us with the wisdom of someone who can channel Dr. Maria Montessori and the humility of a classroom teacher. She was light and funny, engaging at just the right times. She made the heaviness of the pedagogy and responsibility of the guide to adhere to it motivating rather than daunting.”

About the conference: “I think “refresher” is an excellent name. I feel recharged and ready to see my children tomorrow.”