Tier III States’ Advocacy

Added in July 2013


The Mission of Montessori Works is to increase accessible, authentic quality Montessori education.

The coalition identified two primary goals they will focus on moving forward, in addition to working closely with a new Montessori charter school scheduled to open 2014.

Goal 1: Open one new public Montessori program by fall 2016 and yearly thereafter

  • Build internal knowledge about successful innovative models in education
  • Build interest for Montessori Education in Delaware
  • Partner to increase human capital that is needed to expand Montessori education in Delaware
  • Create menu of services for start-up Montessori programs
  • Build on advocacy foundation to explore challenges, prioritization, and implementation

Goal 2:  Support and sustain existing  Montessori classrooms and programs in the public sector

  • Survey and conduct online focus groups with established public Montessori Programs to learn what services would be helpful to them.
  • Create Montessori informational programs
  • Create toolkit for new Montessori classrooms/programs
  • Develop support structures for teachers
  • Develop implementation structure for these services
  • Develop Montessori Works Clearinghouse

Massachusetts (Rosine Hekmat Afshar)

Washington (Suzie Hanson and Laura Holt)

Initiatives include:
  • Build advocacy interest within the existing organization –the Pacific NW Montessori Association is an Active organization with a board, about 600 members — 200-300 active participants — and 80-90 diverse schools represented
  • The organization has a website and has good relationships with the Department of Early Learning and Washington Federation of Teachers
  • Challenges for advocacy include licensing — 5 year olds included in the early childhood classroom.
  • The state plans on hosting its first advocacy coalition meeting in March 2014

Washington D.C. (Grace Lee and Joe Henry)

The newly formed DC coalition will be holding their first meeting on Monday, October 28th for individuals interested in supporting the advocacy work in the DC metropolitan area.

The meeting will address the following:

  • Introduction of who we are as a group and our role as advocates/voices of Montessori in DC
  • Hear from participants as we share out some of our struggles/issues we’re facing as a Montessori school or community.
  • Piece together the common threads/difficulties and work to establish goals and practical steps of how we will address each issue at hand.