School Sponsorship List

This list is provided for the benefit of prospective AMI teacher trainees seeking sponsorship from an AMI school. Schools on this list have expressed an interest in sponsoring a teacher training candidate. Sponsorship guidelines vary by school, as indicated. Please review the offerings below, and contact the school(s) of interest for complete details. Note the education levels listed do not indicate AMI recognition status; they are levels available for instruction or that the school is currently seeking to sponsor for. For AMI recognition specifications, please visit the Standards for AMI Montessori Classrooms section of our website.



Pacific Rim International School
Assistants to Infancy, Primary and Elementary Levels

Rita Tang, Administrative Director
454 Peninsula Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401

Please contact us for sponsorship details.  We are AMI accredited schools.


New York / India

CA Montessori Children’s Center
Assistants to Infancy & Primary Levels

Claudine Campanelli
631-342-6072 (phone)


CA Montessori Children’s Center is looking to sponsor dedicated teachers for a new Montessori school in Hyderabad, India. We are offering sponsorship for both Assistance to Infancy and Primary level training. Sponsorship Agreement contracts require continued employment at our Hyderabad location for three years upon successful completion of the AMI diploma. Expected contract start date June 1, 2014. If you are interested in more information about the sponsorship or employment at our Hyderabad location please contact Claudine Campanelli 631 342 6072 or



Stonebrook Montessori
Primary & Elementary Levels

Jacqui Miller


Stonebrook Montessori is seeking dedicated candidates for an immediate opportunity for primary or elementary training sponsorship.  The ideal candidate will be passionate about public Montessori and motivated to serve an urban population in the city of Cleveland.  Stonebrook Montessori, a public charter school, will open in fall 2015 with primary and lower elementary classes, and will grow to serve nearly 300 children and their families by 2020.  Sponsored trainees will be employed by Stonebrook Montessori to lead a founding class for a minimum of three years.  If you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy creating collaboratively, and are moved by the idea of social change through education, please send cover letter and resume to Jacqui Miller, Head of School, at




Hampton Roads International Montessori School (HRIMS)
Assistants to Infancy & Elementary Levels

Dorothy Knox

11790 Jefferson Ave #200, Newport News, VA 23606
757-873-8950 (phone)
757-595-1850 (fax)


HRIMS will consider sponsorship for a student currently in training or a qualified candidate considering training for the next academic or summer session. Candidates must be US citizens or have a US work visa. Please contact us for sponsorship details.