Not Even the Polar Vortex Could Keep Attendees Away


Despite the nasty weather across much of the east, including several travel delays and cancellations, most were still able to make it to Houston to experience another inspiring and engaging refresher course.

With the theme of the Child’s Journey in mind, each speaker delivered a uniquely comprehensive and charming presentation that left many attendees feeling renewed and refreshed. One attendee stated, “I feel like I have gone on a journey. One that brings me closer to understanding the secrets of the child.” These sentiments resonated throughout the long weekend and all workshops.

The mix of speaker styles and approaches lent itself to a series of powerful presentations, as one attendee noted, “Delightfully conceived, composed, and presented. Both light-hearted and profound, and thoroughly inspiring. A prime example of the way in which a refresher course can take principles and practice and reframe it for today’s world and experience.” We couldn’t agree more!

Stay tuned for more information on the 2015 refresher course to be held in Atlanta, Georgia!

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