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What are my advertising options with AMI/USA?

1. AMI/USA Website
Web ads are posted for three (3) month intervals in the advertising section of the AMI/USA website and may be placed, revised, and removed from the website at any time.

2. AMI/USA Journal
A printed journal published three times a year, which includes a letter from the executive director, a feature article, a parent supplement, and job opportunities. Distributed to current members.

3. AMI/USA E-Newsletter
An e-newsletter published monthly providing updates on current U.S. news in the AMI community and featured job opportunities. Emailed to all current members, schools and training centers towards the end of each month.

How much will my advertisement cost?



Website ads are posted for a period of three (3) months and may be placed, revised, and removed from the website at any time by contacting AMI/USA at There is no refund or reduction in fees for web ads canceled before the end of the 3-month period, or on payments made for the AMI/USA Journal or AMI/USA E-Newsletter.

How do I pay for an advertisement?

Credit Cards – securely submitted via our online form
Check – check or money orders made payable to AMI/USA, mailed to 410 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY 14607

Invoice – available for AMI schools only

How can I place an advertisement?

Advertisements may be submitted through our website. Due to our policy, please do not mention organizations other than AMI in advertisements.

Electronically submit your advertisement through
our online form


What are the submission deadlines?

Deadlines for AMI/USA Journal:

Submit by May 1

Submit by September 13

Submit by March 12

Deadlines for AMI/USA E-Newsletter:

The 25th of the respective month (e.g. May 25th for May issue). E-Newsletters are published at the end of each month.

Web ads may be placed at any time and are usually uploaded to the website within a week. If you miss the above deadlines, we may still be able to accommodate your advertisement in AMI/USA Journal or AMI/USA E-Newsletter. Please contact us directly at if you have missed the deadline for the next issue.